Summer Shot


Telling vibrant, intuitive stories on timber panels, Wattleitbe artworks are as wonderfully complex or blissfully simple as you want it to be.

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Australian Author, Artist and Cartoonist Eliza Feely donned the luminous title of Wattleitbe in 2015 to simplify her multi-streamed arts practice. Inspired by her surroundings – the Wadawurrung lands and language, the Otways wilds, oceanic expanses and folktales of the world- Wattleitbe reflects Feely’s love of spontaneity, design, records, comics, books and more. Wattleitbe artworks detach from ‘ideas’ and capture the glorious ‘nows’, from fleeting observations of local rhythms, a brush with wildlife, a glimpse at a local surf line up or just simply reveling in colour. 

All works are hand painted originals. Composed of acrylic and ink on sustainable sourced timber or up cycled ply offcuts. 

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