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Hannah Carrick
Hotel Paradiso

“Hotel Paradiso is a celebration of women. It paints that pivotal moment in our lives where we feel our most liberated, our most sensual, our most content. Hotel Paradiso is a feeling – a state of bliss,” says Hannah Carrick on a warm spring morning in Sydney. She lives near Five Ways, a roundabout in the quaint, quiet streets of Paddington from which Glenmore Road, Goodhope Street, Heeley Street and Broughton Street twist and turn out in every direction. Little shops and restaurants fill the adjoining streets and birds dart between the Cherry Blossoms that line the corner of the Royal Hotel. On days like today when she’s spent too much time in the studio, Hannah goes walking, passing the Jardan Showroom on Oxford Street nearby. “And here I am today finishing the last piece for my exhibition.”

Originally from Lennox Head, near Byron Bay on the northern coast of New South Wales, Hannah moved to Sydney four years ago in her mid-20s. A self-proclaimed naughty teenager, Hannah was more focused on creative pursuits than life in the classroom. Growing up in a surf town, she was inspired by Australian surf legend, artist, and musician Ozzie Wright.

A trained graphic designer, Hannah went to CATC Design School in Sydney before working as a freelance Graphic Designer on projects with the likes of Universal Music and Brisbane musician, Banff. In recent times, Hannah’s career has taken a big upward turn thanks to a growing Instagram following. Her works, it seems, are coveted by art lovers and private buyers and she’s constantly busy with commissions. Between commissions she works on solo projects. In late 2016, she held an exhibition at St. Cloche, a contemporary gallery space near her home in Paddington, of which the highlight was a collaboration with ceramicist Carly Pasco, brought to life with deep blue watercolours.

When I ask about the theme for Hotel Paradiso, we have a long conversation about life as an artist in today’s world. Often, Hannah spends endless hours in her studio. At times, it can be quite isolated and alone. At one with her thoughts, there are moments of darkness and self-doubt. She is worried whether she’ll finish the final piece for Hotel Paradiso on time. She’s concerned about how it will be perceived. As much as Hotel Paradiso is a celebration of true freedom; free from insecurity and worry – it’s also a reminder to herself to keep going and continue doing what she loves – to reach her own state of bliss – her own slice of paradise.

“Hotel Paradiso is a celebration of women. It paints that pivotal moment in our lives where we feel our utmost best, our most liberated, our most sensual, our most content,” says Hannah. “Hotel Paradiso is a feeling – a state of bliss, of power and pure elation when true contentment is discovered. It’s that feeling when you’re truly at peace with yourself. Hotel Paradiso isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. Whilst it’s very much about women, It’s also a celebration of sisterhood, of women supporting women, the unbreakable bonds we share and how we are stronger as a collective.”

More than anything, the pieces across the Hotel Paradiso collection document the moments we all have when we triumph over our daily struggles. Moments when we are, against the odds, elated, ecstatic, and free.

Hannah’s works will be available to order at the opening of the ‘Hotel Paradiso’ exhibition on November 1, 2018 and sold exclusively in all Jardan stores and online.