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Hello February



The Art House

Our home aren’t just defined by the furniture in the living room or the colour on the walls. They come together over years, and grow in character with all the little things we add along the way. At Jardan, along with key furniture pieces that make a home special, we’ve sourced and collected homewares from artisan makers and craftspeople around the world.

Above [L-R] Mae Floor Lamp, Joy Armchair, Valley Modular Sofa, Loop Rug, Arte Coffee Table, Zafferano Tumblers + Carafe, Reflections Copenhagen Glassware + Mirror, Paperclay Sculptures
Below [L-R] Preston Sideboard, Paperclay Sculptures, Stanford Dining Chair, Arte Dining Table, Reflections Copenhagen Try, Zafferano Tumbler + Mist Vase

Above [L-R] Preston Sideboard, Haos Table Lamp, Mist Vase
Below [L-R] Sunny Bed, Airo Bedding, Reflections Copenhagen Mirror, Ace Side Table

Above [L-R] Bam Bam Rug, Mae Table Lamp, Valley Sofa, Esther Olsson Cushion, Art Terrazzo Coffee Table, Mae Floor Lamp, Joy Armchair
Below [L-R] Mae Floor Lamp, Popsycle Rug, Joy Armchair, Memphis Coffee Table