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Tasmanian Oak

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Solid Timber

Tasmanian Oak is a plantation hardwood grown largely in Victoria, Tasmania and southern New South Wales. This timber typically has a consistent colour and tone ranging from pale pink to a light yellow. Tasmanian Oak is a suitable material for products that require GECA certification.


Oil finish
We recommend that you pay particular attention to protecting the piece from hot or wet objects. Do not leave liquid to sit on timber surfaces as it will penetrate the surface and cause staining. Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth. Dependent on the position of the piece and the conditions of your home, we recommend re-oiling once a year. In some cases an additional application may be required after the first six months. Oil care packages are available from your nearest Jardan store. Do not use any other cleaners or polishes as they may permanently damage your furniture.

Lacquer finish
Regularly wipe to remove dust and dirt. Do not wet down or leave spills to sit on timber surfaces. Avoid contact with liquid, heat and keep out of direct/reflective sunlight. Take care when placing unglazed ceramics as they may scratch the surface. Do not use any other cleaners or polishes.