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Our Story

Crafted in

Our approach to production is simple. Combine the hand crafted elements that make every Jardan furniture piece special, with the most progressive machinery and technology available anywhere in the world.

In recent years, we’ve made grown and updated our Melbourne production facility. So while every Jardan piece is still made to order, by hand, we’re now able to produce furniture for both domestic and large scale commercial projects without compromising on quality.

Our production starts with our design team, who use the latest digital software and 3D printing technology to prototype our ideas and engineer them for efficient production. Once our designs move into the factory, we incorporate lean production methods to reduce waste, save energy, and minimise our carbon footprint.

Of course, there is no machine that will ever replace the skills that our craftsmen have learned and passed down over generations. But today, with the additional of modern CNC and Five Axis machinery, we’re continually striving for world’s best practice in production, and ensuring that our products not only maintain quality through the entire product lifecycle, but work in harmony with the environment.