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Our Story

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In 2014, we launched the new face of Jardan with our flagship store in Melbourne. Since then, we’ve extended our vision for contemporary Australian design into stores in Brisbane, Sydney, and online, completing the loop and creating a connection between the Jardan team and customers.

Inside the stores, we take inspiration from local Australian environments, bringing our design vision to life. They’re not built like traditional furniture show rooms. Instead, our design philosophy is applied to everything you see, from the way the spaces interplay, right though to the way we display our furniture, lighting, homewares and textiles.

In opening the stores, we’ve extended our vision to become designers, makers, and retailers. It means that our design and sustainability values are followed through holistically, from conceptualising the product to producing it, and then selling it directly to customers.

Together with the Jardan ranges, we collaborate with local photographers, painters, sculptors, and artists, who create limited collections that are sold at Jardan stores around Australia.

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