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Crafted from a light and breathable linen, Airo is designed to be breathable in summer and warm in winter.
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Woven from 100% linen, Airo has a relaxed texture. To create rich depth of colour, each piece of the Airo range undergoes a gentle wash and dry treatment, making it ready to go straight on the bed. Packaged in matching drawstring bags, Airo is available in six outback inspired tones — Applebutter, Charcoal, Grey, White, Amazon, Royale, Nude, Hailstorm, Brick and Glacier.

Designed by Jardan Lab

Airo is designed to have a relaxed texture and slight crinkle which will naturally soften over time as the linen fibres are worn in.

We recommend washing once a week with similar colours to remove natural oils left by the skin. For crisp bed linen,  line dry naturally. If you prefer soft bed linen tumble dry on a low heat, being careful not to over-dry as this will damage the fibres and cause the fabric to become brittle.

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