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With a focus on femininity, sexuality, escapism and fantasy Broadhurst uses photography and digital collage mixed with dramatic 3d elements to create her bold stylistic imagery.
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Dina Broadhurst has had a lifelong obsession with the colliding worlds of Fashion, advertising, art and design and her own personal journey navigating the ideal image of a woman, mother and female voice. Broadhursts’ work explores the untamed natural inner beauty versus the staged polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others and consume daily. Blending high fashion with grunge pop culture, Dina Broadhurst’s bold images have a striking aesthetic. With a signature style, Dina mixes elements to create pieces with a sharp and layered composition. Finished in a clear acrylic frame, All Eyes On Me is available in two sizes. Dimensions denote print size only and do not include framing.

Photograph by Dina Broadhurst