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Rosie is soft, romantic and timeless. The collection features elegantly sculpted curves creating a range of functional designs that suit the kitchen, dining and serving areas.
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Designed and developed by Jardan Lab, the Rosie collection is made from Sunset Red Marble. With its beautiful peach hue the Rosie collection was designed to be functional and timeless. The collection is underpinned by a curved pill shape; each piece following the same flow and proportion in curve. The collection is hand carved from larger slabs of marble, then cut down and finally hand crafted piece by piece.

Designed by Jardan Lab

Hand wash carefully in warm water with mild detergent. No harsh cleaners should be used. The Marble has been sealed during the production process, however please note food or drink residue will naturally stain the marble. Marble is a porous stone, so its surface will naturally absorb any Items such as food oils, dark liquids or other liquid forms. Dark or colourful food items, colourful herbs and spices will naturally over time stain the surface of the marble, specifically the pestle and mortar. This is a characteristic and naturally beauty of the material, not a fault.