Bread Bakers Notebook


With this beautifully-designed book, every loaf will be an experiment that leads you further down the golden- crusted path of Bread Knowledge. Baking Bread features a glossary and notes on grains and sourdough starts, the book is then followed by journal entries so you can track of every detail from flour type to kneading and rising time, to crust colour and many more.

15 x 18.5cm 7 x 5.9in
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The Bread Baker's Notebook is the first journal designed specifically for recording and refining your bread baking journey. A beautifully present hard cover book aimed to capture budding or experienced bakers, this journal is for sourdough enthusiasts, kneaders and no-kneaders, and anyone captivated by yeast. With helpful tips on ingredients and process are provided throughout the journal. The Bread Baker's Notebook is the perfect gift for friends and family who have recently found bread making, as well as those who have been baking all along.

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