Dusty Paths

Phoebe Rolleston

Inspired by the different relationship’s colours have with each other, Melbourne born artist Phoebe Rolleston is always striving to create work she feels is an honest personal expression. Having recently moved to Byron Bay, Changing Tides is the embodiment of the significant shift in mindset and location.

Product Details

Melbourne born artists Phoebe Rolleston has been painting since she was a little girl. Growing up with an artist Mother ensured she was surrounded and inspired by creating art from the start. Paining and drawing was and is a constant part of her life, she has been selling her work for over twenty years. Working in both acrylic and oil on canvas to create colourful, bold and layered abstract works, Rolleston is always exploring how the diverse relationships of colour can create meaning and feeling in her work. Having recently moved to Byron Bay, Rolleston draws on both her time in Melbourne and her new experiences, Changing Tides captures the energy and spark of feeling that came with the move. Setting up a new studio looking over the palm trees, the literal wave of Byron has rolled over these paintings. The change in environment has inspired a new palette for Phoebe, blues, plum, whites and creams mixed also with bold red is a new mix that has come with the shift in landscape and way of life.

All works are hand painted originals, acrylic and oil on canvas, framed in sustainably sourced Tasmanian oak.