Fred Fowler - Native Wildflowers

Contemporary Editions

Inspired by the visually wormholes, between civilisation and nature, native and invasive species, conflict and resolution. Fred Fowler’s work are seductive tableaux that muddle traditions of landscape and figurative paintings bringing together a collage of symbols; pools, bushland, ghost nets, boats and buildings all combined to make one place.
Product Details

Published through Contemporary Editions Native Wildflowers has an edition of 25 prints, finished in an Australian hardwood frame with a round edge finish. Dimensions denote print size only and do not include framing.

Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction on Cotton Rag Paper 310 gsm.

Printed by Fred Fowler for Contemporary Editions.

Please note framed artworks are classified as bulky items, and will be shipped with our specialist carriers. Bulky item/s incur additional freight costs, calculated online and based on weight and size. Shipping charges will be added to your order before at checkout. If you are unsure about the item please contact Jardan for clarification.

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