Lucy Montgomery X Jardan Onda Mirror Small / Pre-order

Lucy Montgomery X Jardan

Onda meaning ‘wave’ in Italian is Lucy Montgomery’s exclusive mirror collection for Jardan. The soft sinuous curves and fluid silhouette of each mirror has been handcrafted using traditional techniques and natural materials. Finished with a soft eggshell meringue tone textured plaster.
Product Details

Lucy Montgomery is a leading Sydney-based stylist and designer. Jardan and Lucy have teamed up to create a bespoke collection of Australian made mirrors. Lucy has created an exclusive collection of mirrors for Jardan, cast from a meringue tone plaster and available in 3 unique profiles with a unique wave edge.

Please note, Lucy's work is handmade with care the raw and organic properties of plaster present individual characteristics to every mirror. As each mirror is handmade, air bubbles and hairline cracks (whilst minimal), are part of the plaster’s beautiful patina which we encourage are to be embraced.

Made in Sydney, Australia

Care & Maintenance

Dust with a soft clean microfibre cloth. If marked, softly dab with a baby wipe or soft clean damp cloth.