Mr Wilkinson's Vegetables


Mr. Wilkinson's Vegetables is a beautifully simple hard cover recipe book with easy salads such as brussels sprout leaves, mozzarella and anchovies, or roasted cucumber, quinoa, freekah, and herbs, to hearty dishes such as soft parmesan polenta with crab and mussels, or braised eggplant, tomato, and meatballs.

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Matt Wilkinson is passionate about food in season, farmers' markets, and local producers. As the former head chef at the award-winning Circa the Prince, Wilkinson helped usher in an era of organics and gardento- kitchen rustic fine dining. He now co-owns and runs Pope Joan and the neighboring market Hams and Bacon in Melbourne, both of which have cult followings for their fresh, seasonal food. He is also the coowner and chef of a franchise of 11 Spudbar slow-food, fast-food shops in Australia, which feature healthy and delicious topped baked potatoes and salads.

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