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Esther Olsson is a young emerging artist from Melbourne. Esther’s stylistic method and use of graphic symbols create a sense of humour and joviality in her work.
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At home, emerging Australian artist Esther Olsson created a series of cushions and prints for Jardan’s Art House Collection. Originally from Gippsland, Ester formed her modern-renaissance style in quite a remarkable way. Growing up, she was horrified to find her two older sisters and brother reading the words she’d written in her diary. From that day on, she noted all of her diary entries in pictures and then began collaging them onto artworks. Every one of her artworks tells an intricate and emotional story. Esther’s stylistic method and playful narratives reflect bold prints with reference to popular culture. Engaging graphic symbols to create a sense of humour and joviality, Esther creates joyous and light-hearted imagery inspired by her imaginative worlds. A selection of Esther’s original artworks is now available through Jardan.