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Studio Of The Sun

Drawing on rich cultural and artistic perspectives, we are excited to launch the collaborative Studio of the Sun at Jardan. Taking form in a lively, beautifully coloured collection of original artworks, this series draws on ideas of mythology, still life, folklore tales and design.

Product Details

Studio of the Sun is collaborative project with rotating artists from all over the world. Each series of works looks to explore a range of artist and philosophical notions, ranging from abstract expressionism to minimalism and beyond. In this series mythology, still life, splashes, scrawls, folklore tales and design take form on the canvas creating a dialogue between composition and form. The works take on an otherworldly atmosphere giving rise to an aesthetic where natural elements and colours spill and blossom into flowers. 

All works are hand painted originals. Composed of acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal on canvas, framed in hand finished Tasmanian Oak.

Please note framed artworks are classified as bulky items, and will be shipped with our specialist carriers. Bulky item/s incur additional freight costs, calculated online and based on weight and size. Shipping charges will be added to your order before at checkout. If you are unsure about the item please contact Jardan for clarification.

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