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Stories Of Italy

Stories of Italy produce simple contemporary glassware, made using traditional glass blowing techniques synonymous with glass blowers in Venice. Experimenting with shape and colour Stories of Italy cherish their artisans skills to preserve the traditions and techniques of the artform.

Product Details

Stories of Italy is a brand and a studio based in Milan. They work with the traditional artisan glass blowers-based in Venice, to create fine pieces of Murano glassware. Taking inspiration from the great archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of Italy. Their aesthetic is clean and simple, they experiment with fresh colors blending design, craft and art, to capture the essence of these iconic Italian traditions.

All items are handmade, variation in colour, patterning, shape and size will feature & reflect the handmade nature of the making process. The variation in finish and detail are to be celebrated and embraced.

PLEASE NOTE STOCK IS AVAILABLE FROM MID-END NOV *Currently available for pre-order online.

Care & Maintenance

Dust with a soft clean cloth. Hand wash carefully in warm water if required.

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