Pebble Moss


The Pebble Collection layers soft contemporary colours with curved organic shapes to create this beautiful hand knotted rug.
$4,500 $3,825
Product Details

The Pebble series features three designs, each of them unique in design and shape, with coloured segments overlapping and creating layered tonal colours. Pebble Moss is an organic shaped rug, taking design cues from moss covered pebbles by the side of stream. The Moss colourway inspired by the mossy forest floor and trees above in the Australian bushland.Hand knotted in India using hand spun 100% New Zealand wool. Pebble is a luxurious quality, which is extremely soft underfoot yet an extremely hard wearing rug. Each Pebble rug is hand made and may vary slightly in texture, colour & pattern and size tolerance of 2-3%.
Pile composition: 100% New Zealand wool
Warp composition: Cotton
Construction: Hand knotted
Pile height: 10-11mm
Suitability: Indoor use, residential and light commercial use

Care & Maintenance

Please note all rugs may shed and have loose fibres. Shedding will take place mostly in the first 1-6 months of the rugs lifetime, then will slow over time. High traffic areas may always have a small amount of shedding. Simply vacuum any shedding fibres. For loose threads or ends - do not pull, simply clip them carefully with fabric scissors.
The positioning of your rug will have an effect on the longevity and appearance of your rug over time. Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the pile. Rotate rug occasionally to equalize wear.
Treat any liquid spills immediately. Place a clean cloth or unprinted paper towel directly on the liquid to absorb the spill. Following this use a clean cloth, dampened with water and dab the affected area, do not follow a circular motion, simply dab and blot. Absorb any excess moisture after cleaning with a clean dry cloth or towel. For dirt marks, such as soil, simply allow the soil to dry and vacuum. If spills or marks remain, contact a professional rug cleaning specialist.
After time your rug will require professional cleaning. Any persistent or large stains will also require professional cleaning. Do NOT dry clean or steam clean rugs. Each Jardan rug is unique, and made of different fibres, we recommend contacting a professional rug cleaner who specialises in hand made rugs or contact Jardan for a recommended specialist cleaning contact.

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