Pom Pom 35


The Pom Pom rugs are made from recycled yarns, unwound from it's original rug making each piece unique
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Product Details

The Pom Pom rugs are made from recycled yarns, made from mainly wool, however can also have a small amount of goat hair, hemp or cotton. The yarns range from 40 -120 years old and each has a unique colour that is dictated by the original rug it’s unwound from. The intricate process of unravelling the vintage rugs is all done by hand. The collected yarn is then separated into colours, washed and re-spun into new yarn which is then re-woven on a hand loom into a new rug. The finished pom pom fringes are all then carefully trimmed by hand to keep them at a consistent length. The rugs are then washed. The entire artisanal process takes around 3-4 months for each rug to be made. The handmade nature of making these rugs means each rug slightly varies in pattern and colour details, making each piece unique.

Care & Maintenance

Vacuum regularly to prevent dust settling into the base, and avoid direct continuous sunlight. Do not pull loose ends, clip them with scissors to remove. We recommend rotating the rug occasionally to equalise wear.

Spot clean with cold water and a clean cotton cloth, for stubborn stains with shampoo or wool mix and a clean white being careful to absorb any extra moisture after cleaning to prevent watermarking.

Any persistent or large stains will require professional washing, DO NOT steam or dry clean rugs.

Please Note, as each rug is unique, and made up of different yarns, it is always the best to contact a professional handmade rug washer before for commencing any cleaning.