Racau Blanket

Racau Blanket


Made from 100% Stansborough Grey Wool, the Racau Blanket is sustainably produced from the unique fibre. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, these blankets feature an unusually silky, soft and lustrous touch.
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Product Details

Stansborough Farm is the home to a herd of one of a kind sheep on the North Island of New Zealand. Sustainably produced from the creation of a unique fibre, ‘Stansborough Grey’, are a series of blankets that are all scoured, spun and woven in New Zealand. Along with the natural grey tones that come through in the fibres, the wool also has an unusually silky, soft and lustrous touch. Each piece is made with care and accuracy, woven over hand threaded looms that date back to the early 1890’s. Our Autumn collection features two styles, Boucle and Racau.

Care & Maintenance

Gentle handwash in warm water. Spin lightly and dry flat, avoiding stretching. Do not bleach. Dry cleanable. Do not agitate. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Warm steam press.