Sculpture Candle Mushroom


A sculptural statement candle with a soft mushroom hue. Based on a classic pillar candle, this sculptural statement piece will create a warm relaxed ambiance at home, for a dinner party or night of relaxation made easy. Hand poured in Melbourne and available in a two soft colours - Mushroom and Lemon.
17 x 8cm 7 x 3in
$80 $40
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Product Details

Jardan has collaborated with Melbourne based candle maker Waan Pivasiri, to create our own collection of sculptural candles. Each candle is hand poured using natural olivewax. The candles are crafted in our seasonal colour palette with an embossed Jardan logo. Creating a warm relaxed ambiance at home, for a dinner party or night of relaxation made easy.

The sculpture candle range goes through a natural process called “bloom”: The natural olivewax creates a light whitish film that covers the surface of the candle and sometimes takes on a frosty, crystal-like appearance. Simple wipe away the bloom or frost each time it appears with a warm piece of soft cloth.

Available in Lemon and Mushroom. Made in Melbourne from natural olivewax and cotton wick.

Vegan Friendly.

Care & Maintenance

The Sculptural Candle has a burn time of up to 25+ hours.

Due to the shape of the candle, excessive wax drip may occur at any time while the candle is burning. Place your candle on a fire resistant dish and on a flat surface. Never burn your candle more than 3-4 hours at a time. Keep the wick trimmed to approx 5mm to ensure it burns gently. If the candle is creating an uneven burn, simply adjust the wick with a fire resistant skewer to the center of the candle.

Always keep an eye on the candle incase of leakage. If the wax is dripping too much, simply extinguish the flame and use the leaked wax to fill in the start of the leaked trail. Trim wick and relight. You may have to do this several times throughout the life of your candle.  Due to the natural wax content, your candle will "bloom" and create a white coloured layer on the surface of the candle. Gently wipe the bloom off with a soft cloth.

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