Sunday Sheets

Bed Linen

Inspired by the luxury of a weekend sleep-in, Sunday Sheets are crafted from Giza 45 organic cotton, the most highly graded Egyptian cotton fibre in the world.

$150 $70
Product Details

Crafted in Melbourne from 100% organic cotton, Sunday Sheets are made from one of the softest and strongest cottons available, Giza 45. Grown in the Nile Delta region of Egypt, the raw cotton is harvested and combed by hand to ensure only the best fibres are selected for weaving.

Care & Maintenance

To allow for natural cotton movement, our Sunday Sheets are designed oversized and will take 2-3 washes to shrink to size. We recommend washing once a week with similar colours to remove natural oils left by the skin.  For crisp bed linen, line dry naturally. If you prefer soft bed linen tumble dry on a low heat, being careful not to over-dry as this will damage the fibres and cause the fabric to become brittle. Iron on a low heat for a crisp white sheet.