Terra Candle

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Andrei Davidoff and Jardan have collaborated to create Terra, a handmade ceramic, soy wax candle. Texturally scored waves are contrasted by a gold emblem ablaze in metallic gold. The vessel evokes the earthy and leathery scent via rich texture, yet the soft curves are complimented by subtle notes of vanilla and blood plum. Each vessel is hand crafted, variations in size and colour add a personal touch to each candle.
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Product Details

This festive season brings another exciting collection of Jardan Edition collaborations. We started by working with our candle maker to design several fragrances, the scent briefs were varied, thinking about all the different scents our clients and customers love. We burnt, sniffed and tested until we landed on three distinct scents. We then engaged Andrei Davidoff, Natalie Rosin and Amanda Dziedzic to design & create custom vessels, with the scent profile in mind. We now have three individual candles, Desert Rose, Terra and River Mint; all with a bespoke look, feel and beautiful scent.

Design by Andrei Davidoff for Jardan