Urban Farmers


We are what we eat, but do you know what you’re eating? As our world becomes
increasingly defined by urban structures, exploring inner-city agriculture has become an
important tool in enriching quality of life for many. From underground mushroom farms to rooftop beekeeping, Urban Farmers explores the fascinating and diverse world of
planting, growing, and harvesting.
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Mónica R. Goya is a journalist and photographer based in London. Her work focuses primarily in the fields of travel, gastronomy, wine and farming. Her long-term journalistic projects explore the culture of working the land and the intersection of human rights, food politics and sustainability. She has a strong interest in food justice and is a volunteer at Food First. She is a European citizen, speaks English and Spanish and can communicate in French and Italian. Prior to settling in London, she lived in Galicia, Madrid and Paris. She spends her spare time in the outdoors.

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