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Creating a
smaller footprint

Every ninety days our environmental management group measure, review and report on the following operational challenges:

Raw material minimisation
Components, meterages and construction on methods are regularly reviewed for efficiencies and improvements.

Waste minimisation
Fabric, foam, leather, paper, plastic and steel waste from production and administration is collected for reuse, reprocessing or recycling.

Energy minimisation
All electrical and gas machinery, services and appliances are monitored daily to avoid waste. Jardan endeavours to ensure that each piece of furniture produced can be either rejuvenated or recycled, and thereby extending the life of the product.

Jardan offers a re-upholstery and rejuvenation service further extending product life.

Construction methods employed in manufacture utilise simple hand assembly and traditional quality fastening techniques enabling disassembly into material components using no specified tools. Our products are made out of timber, foam and feather. The timber can be reused for making smaller components. The foam can be sent back to the supplier to be recycled into a different product (reconstituted foam). The feather used is naturally biodegradable.

Product Stewardship
Jardan takes full responsibility throughout the life-cyle of our furniture. We will accept returns of products for reuse or recycling, which have reached the end of their useable life under our Care and Warranty agreement.