Pasca Teapot Brushed White

Cisco & The Sun

With a considered aesthetic and unrelenting dedication to sustainability, Cisco & the Sun have created a minimal, wabi sabi inspired range of kitchenware. The handmade nature of the pieces allows slightly variations between them, giving uniqueness to the glaze, size, texture and weight.

Product Details

Made from mineral rich clay sourced in Bali and Cambodia, Cisco & the Sun was created with a considered aesthetic and unrelenting dedication to sustainability. Mixing both Asian and Western sensibilities, the pieces are crafted using the Japanese principles of “Wabi Sabi”. All handmade, the naturally mined substances and high-temperature firing make these products food safe and non-toxic, as well as microwave, dishwasher and oven friendly.

Care & Maintenance

Hand wash wooden coasters in mild detergent. Ceramics are dishwasher safe.