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High Quality Australian Made Sofas and Modular Sofas, Made to Last.

Indulge in quiet moments with our comforting Australian Made and Sustainably Manufactured Sofas and Modular Sofas, inspired by the laidback essence of Australian living. Browse our curated selection of 2 seater sofas or larger 4 seater sofas and find the perfect Australian Made sofa for your space. Explore our elegant collection of sofa sets, furniture, lighting and homewares designed and curated by our in-house team of designers.

Our Modular sofas are all Australian Made with the highest quality fabrics and materials and are built to last.  We select the finest fabrics, timbers, and materials and we are deeply committed to sustainability. By choosing GECA-certified foams and timbers sourced from sustainably managed forests, we strive to reduce our environmental impact while offering you 3-seater couches that stand the test of time. At Jardan, we believe impeccable furniture is worth the wait. Every Jardan 3-seater sofa is made to order at our Melbourne Design and Manufacturing HQ, which means you get a special piece that’s specifically crafted according to your needs and preferences. We invite you to our local showroom to witness firsthand the artistry that goes into our gorgeous sofa beds. Contact us today to book a visit.