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Jardan acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which our showroom is located, The Whadjuk Nyoongar People. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Aboriginal Elders of other communities.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Maybe it’s the fact the sun sets over the ocean, throwing a whole new light over things. Or maybe it’s the distinct and rapid transformation from urban to country. Whatever it is, Western Australia is an immense state of unique beauty and unmatched vastness; arid and abundant at the same time.

“There’s a ‘mind-picture’ we have of the West Coast” says Iva Foschia, founder and principal of IF Architecture, alluding to the open roads and landscapes, flora and wildlife. “When we were researching and exploring, the Western Australian wildflowers caught our attention,” says Foschia, “a natural phenomenon that only exists there.” It was in these moments that Foschia and her team found what they were looking for.

“The wildflowers became the path,” Foschia adds, literally. The new space still adheres to the language she created for the Melbourne store; a space that feels like home with rooms designed to welcome, encourage and embrace and not simply a warehouse of goods. This time, instead of the established rectilinear path, Perth is looser, like a walk through the wildflowers, joining each space or room in a less formal manner.

Perth is Jardan’s fourth store and the first on the west coast and while individual city context plays a large part in all the flagship spaces, it is with Perth that more abstract concepts and freer ideas have been added and introduced to the Jardan vernacular.

“The other stores are more intuitive, (in Perth) the landscape is a lot more prominent.”

“(We are looking) to capture the depth of this visual treat as you approach the store and venture inside.” This is still a response to the state, and about bringing part of the Jardan Melbourne experience, but Perth has been given the ability to build upon these now recognisable ‘rules’ and create a feeling of its own.

Speaking over the phone, a direct response to Covid19 and the effect it has taken on all of us, Foschia talks of the work she’s done in hospitality and design’s close connection to the most successful projects. “It’s in the relationships and how they’re aligned with taking care of people, how the experiential is key”

As designers and makers, it’s no good just throwing furniture in a room and hoping for the best. These spaces are how we love to see our furniture; in situ, in action and in use, take away the meaning and what are you left with?

Jardan will always draw on the environment and Australia’s unwavering connection to the landscape, just as Jardan spaces will build on colour and a multitude of art, design and architectural influences. It’s how we build and add that is important. With a language now established, Perth is a chance to play with these motifs, an extension of the connections we have as Australians to the coastlines and country. It’s just now that it features a new sunset and a new way to look at the work we do. Call it a meander, this is an interior walk designed to evoke the country and environment it sits in.

Our Perth Furniture Store is located in Peppermint Grove, and is easily accessible and conveniently situated. Discover one of the best furniture stores in Perth and explore our carefully curated range of sofas, chairs, tables, storage, lighting, homewares, rugs and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are all highly trained in interior design and will help you in finding the perfect piece to suit your space. Visit us in store or contact our Perth team for more information about our range.

With a deep connection to the Australian way of life, we design and curate our range of furniture, lighting and homewares to live with us. We’re a design-led business, and believe that good design has a profound impact on our lives. Our furniture is crafted to order in Melbourne, with care and precision, by hand.

Our Perth Furniture showroom draws on the environment and Australia’s unwavering connection to the landscape. Our Perth Showroom has a connection to the coastlines and country, it is looser, open and meanders through rooms. It has been designed to feel like home, as you wander through you can imagine how the furniture and homewares would exist in your own home. Discover our range of Australian Made Furniture online and instore.