Stark Vessel Kiwi

Steph Woods Ceramics

Bold blocks of colour and extreme texture are a staple, intended to encapsulate movement within the form and obscure the fragility of the ceramic material. Reminiscent of decadent desserts, colourful hues reflective of playful nostalgia, and intricate details create these distinctive vessels.

11 x 40cm 4 x 16in
$990 $594
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Steph Woods is an Australian contemporary ceramic artist known for her unconventional ceramic vessels. In her practice, she explores the expectations entwined with ceramics by opposing or exaggerating them through themes of reflection, functionality, and form. Steph’s distinctive pieces are visually material driven as she uses her fingertips as a tool to sculpt and create repetitive patterns. 

Made in Sydney

Care & Maintenance

Wipe off dust with a dry cloth - clean, lint-free dusting cloth and rub it gently and carefully. Use suction in detailed areas - hold the nozzle of a vacuum about an inch away from the piece and apply suction as you brush the object’s surface with a soft brush (paint brushes work). A lightly damp cloth can be used to spot clean any marks.

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