Two Tone Silicon Art Putty & Pond

Manon Steyart

Two Tone Silicon Art Putty & Pond by Manon Steyaert, a London based artist hand making sculptural silicone art.  Her works look like flowy fabrics draped on the wall. Manon Steyaert explores how the silicone can be transformed against its intended use. The merging of shiny textures and attractive colours are inviting and playful to the eye.
70 x 90cm 31 x 35in
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The French-born, London-based artist Manon Steyart is known for her organic blending of mediums, creating truly unique silicone pieces that are a textural mixture of sculpture and painting. We caught up with Manon to learn more about her distinct use of materials, her process, and her inspiration.

Care & Maintenance

Wipe down gently with a damp cloth when required

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