Jardan Colourscapes Office Furniture Roy In Situ Edit


Roy is an elegant meeting chair made for both formal and casual settings. Featuring a high or mid back and subtle wide panelling on the seat cover, Roy exudes understated comfort and practicality.

Product Features

High or Mid Back Chair

Upholstered panelled seating available in a wide range of fabrics

Available in 4-star and 5-star base options with or without arms

5 Star Base available in black or polished aluminium options on base and arms

4 Star Base available in black, polished aluminium or coloured powdercoat options on base and arms

Moulded Foam construction

Roy comes in a range of configurations, select your preference then further customise materials and finishes.

RO54 - 4 | Jardan | Furniture xx


540L xx 585D x 895H

RO54 - 5 | Jardan | Furniture xx


540L xx 680D x 990H

RO54H - 4 | Jardan | Furniture xx


540L xx 585D x 1015H

RO54H - 5 | Jardan | Furniture xx


540L xx 680D x 1120H

RO59 - 4 | Jardan | Furniture xx


590L xx 585D x 895H

RO59 - 5 | Jardan | Furniture xx


590L xx 680D x 990H

RO59H - 4 | Jardan | Furniture xx


590L xx 585D x 1015H

RO59H - 5 | Jardan | Furniture xx


590L xx 680D x 1120H