Office Sofas

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Reimagine your professional environment with Jardan’s office sofa selection

Transform your workspace or break out areas with our beautifully designed office furniture. Whether you're hosting collaborative team meetings, holding one-on-one discussions or upgrading your home office, our office sofas and chairs deliver unparalleled comfort and quality.

Select from designer ottomans, benches and sofas made from the highest quality materials. Perfect for conference rooms, breakout spaces and private offices, our office sofa chairs are available in a variety of styles and configurations. Choose a design and let us customise with your preferred materials and finishes.

Our office furniture collection includes everything, from desks and innovative meeting tables to breakout armchairs and upholstered executive chairs. Discover our range of modular couches for offices and office sofas online or contact our friendly team for personalised design advice.

Our couches for offices offer a comfortable seating option, reducing physical strain and promoting relaxation. This can improve overall employee well-being, especially for those who spend long hours at work. Promote creativity and teamwork with our office sofas and chairs. Comfortable and informal seating areas foster a collaborative environment, making it easier for teams to gather for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions or casual discussions.

A well-designed office conveys professionalism. Our high-quality office sofa chairs enhance conference rooms and waiting areas, creating an inviting atmosphere for both employees and visitors. Our office sofas serve as versatile seating options. From hosting clients to creating a relaxing break area for employees, discover the perfect office sofa chair for all your needs.

Over 75% of our materials come from Australian suppliers, demonstrating our commitment to supporting local businesses and sustainability. We prioritise suppliers who hold accredited certifications, ensuring that our timber, down, foam and organic cotton meet the highest standards of environmental and ethical responsibility.

Choose office sofas and furniture designed for longevity. At Jardan, each item is built to preserve its quality and performance through countless workdays. We partner with skilled artists, painters, sculptors and artisans to provide unique furniture, sculptural lighting and unique homeware that complement any room. We're proud to offer office sofas available in GECA-certified materials. Having been certified as a carbon-neutral company since 2014, we ensure that every phase of our production process is aimed at reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Shop our office sofa chairs online. Every piece is custom-made at our Melbourne Design and Manufacturing Headquarters. If you have specific designs in mind, we invite you to book a consultation with our expert furniture designers.

You may also drop by our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and discover the perfect pieces to complement your home, office or commercial space.