Lea Jug Green

Vaiselle Boutique

Inspired by the milkmaid jug from French designer Lea Zana’s childhood in the South West of France. The Lea Jug features a gingham in forest green referenced from the Landes Forest in the same region.
20 x 18 x 11cm 8 x 7 x 4in
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Product Details

Vaiselle ceramics are designed by French Designer, Léa Zana, from her London based studio. Vaisselle was created in the middle of lockdowns with the desire to uplift meal times. Lea’s work is hand crafted and hand painted in Spain. Using traditional techniques with a focus on sustainability. Using local clays, led free paints and natural pigments to create her tableware range.

Care & Maintenance

Gentle hand wash with warm water/soap and dry with a cloth. Do not soak the unglazed part at the bottom. White clay ceramic is a porous material that absorbs humidity. Do no put in dishwasher.

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